Bejeweled Blitz Review


  • In Blitz theres a minute time limit, this gives a "need for speed" so you try and be quick, the more time goes by noices are made when time is running low to push you further
  • Theres a Hint button you can press and it gives you marker you can follow to see a move , sometimes ive found its wrong and doesn't always help you


  • You get 250 Points for matching any three shapes in a line up or down the screen, you get more points for the more you can get in a row E.g 4 Red squares in a row
  • Also the faster you match up you get another multipler, and the more you get in a row and straight after each other the more points you get


  • Looking at 2 triangles or squares that are next to each other then looking for another one nearby
  • Looking for colours that are the same and matching them
  • Trying (I mean trying as im crap at the game) to break down to specials that pop up to get more points


With Audio

  • More emersion, user feels more at one with the game
  • Annoying voice of some bloke who says when your doing well
  • Annoying sounds when you get faster or the explosion

Without Audio

  • More relaxing without audio
  • I can listen to Steve Wright in the Afternoon whilst playing

I found with Audio my score was higher, as i really "got into" the game

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