Multiplayer Appeal and Success of Bejeweled

How does this affect the game?

Bejeweled Blitz displays the current high scores of both the user and their friends clearly on the right-hand side of the screen. They are arranged in order of highest to lowest score and labelled as '1', '2', '3' etc to indicate their position. These scores are updated in near real-time so that the user can always see their friends scores and, more importantly, their own score relative to others.

When a player beats their own current high score or achieves a 'badge' (25000 points, 50000 points, 75000 points etc) they are encouraged to allow the game to post a notice of this to their Profile Wall. This will also allow their friends to see their accomplishment from outside of Bejeweled Blitz.

These features encourage the player to improve upon their friends' scores and to climb the ranks. To do this, of course, they must continue playing the game. This behaviour is reinforced by the reward of 'bragging rights' over their friends, both out of the game and through the use of the post to wall function. Once a player beats their friends or at least those they consider to be key rivals their score will now be the target for other players to beat. This cycle repeats until no player can gain dominance and the competition becomes a stalemate however the regular deletion of high scores allows the cycle to start again and keeps players returning to the game.

Another feature that encourages gameplay is the prize panel at the bottom. By breaking certain point thresholds the player is able to opt into prize draws, with higher barriers yeilding better prizes. Although this doesn't effect gameplay it can still motivate the player as a mechanic to better their score.

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Bejeweled Blitz has one of the very earliest forms of competition in the form of high scores in which the players are not actually put against each other but rather they set their own personal best in a single player game against players. This has several advantages over the other forms of multiplayer competition as the player can compete in their own time and not have to play by other players time constraints. On the other hand can Bejeweled be classed as a multiplayer game? In truth, it is not, it is a single player puzzle game with multiplayer compatibility.

The game is very simple in terms of actual puzzle but this is where the game earns its brownie points with players, its simplicity is its attraction and does not evolve thinking ahead 10-20 moves like other games (e.g. Chess) on the very early level. However this does not mean the game does not reward those who choose to understand the game far more than casual bases as more chain events are possible if you plan your moves in advance hence the simplicity of the game rewards both the casual and the obsessive player. This also adds momentum to the games wide spread appeal and the potential of the game.

As the game appeals to a wide variety of players the competition raises with it, whether it is among friends, family or people in your area etc and as this effect builds up it has a positive domino effect on the entire game, increasing popularity and as it does it increasing competition and through this, increasing popularity as people compete more and more to get the best scores. The overall effect is a very simple game that appeals widely through its competitive nature and openness to players through any background, whether you want to beat your evil step-mother or you want to have the best score on your collection of Facebook friends all you need to grasp is the switching of colours to form a collection of colours and you can do any of these.

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